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This website supports this movement: offering you a series of innovative, ergonomic, high quality products, “tools” in a way, that will help you improve your daily life by feeling better in your body and mind; offering comfort to your body’s needs and desires.

This website talks about health but it is not organized separate medical care disciplines. Rather, it is organized around comfort and improvement of life conditions, daily gestures and all of the little things that seem subsidiary; thus, helping you to feel better in all moments of your life.

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Sissel SIT Air another way to sit down

Do IT Before has tested for you! On the advice of my physiotherapist, after having analyzed my position on the computer, in car and analyzed my pain, I tested the new Cushion Sissel SIT Air for you. Triangular air cushion - adjustable pressure by means of a valve. The result is basal pelvic...

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