Helping others help themselves

Ergonomy at your service.

Welcome to my website.  I am Pascale Farcy, Bruxelloise and mother of two.  I have been working in the paramedical and orthopedic sector for 25 years.  Now, I have “translated” that experience and expertise into this unique resource for products to help you maintain wellness. 

In my everyday and professional life, I have met people of all ages facing health issues and turning to me as a resource to address these problems and help find solutions together.

In the course of those meetings, I have often realized that things could have been done differently. Acting earlier and in a systematic manner to prevent or reduce injury or illness could have helped these people far more efficiently and painlessly than treating them after the problem has advanced., In a nutshell, the old Chinese saying “prevention rather than cure”.

Your grandmother could have, and most probably did, give you this same advice you. She  based her words on common sense . . . and she was right.

Our goal: prevention

Nowadays, in addition to common sense, there are many new technical solutions: new materials and a new type of awareness.

Some are more modern and more effective versions of already known ideas, made possible by newly developed materials.  Others are novel ideas born from an increased understanding of ergonomics and disorder processes. 

This website do IT before supports this movement: offering you a series of innovative, ergonomic, high quality products, “tools” in a way, that will help you improve your daily life by feeling better in your body and mind; offering comfort to your body’s needs and desires.

This movement also falls within a broader approach: building today for tomorrow, living with a long-term perspective in mind.

You will find answers to simple and practical questions, such as

What is the best way to sit in my car?
What is the correct position for my back when working on my laptop?
What type of exercises shall I do in order to recover after a sprained ankle, and get back to my volleyball, badminton, tennis or football practice again?
What special things can I do to increase my comfort after chemotherapy?
Mum is always feeling cold in her armchair, how can I help her?  Hint: perhaps something pretty, soft AND warm . . .  and could be a nice birthday gift?
Is there a practical and beautiful, fair-trade product that I can use to carry and protect my yoga mat?
Is there some way that I can protect my ears when I’m out enjoying (loud) music at a concert or a party? It would surely reassure my parents.

Mouvement préventif do IT before

This website do IT before talks about health not medecine. Rather, it is organized for your comfort and to improve your daily life conditions ; it's there to help you feel better in your daily life.

This preventive movement “do IT before” focuses on ergonomy, health and wellness.. It is for everyone, children, teenagers, young adults, adults, middle-aged or elderlies, sporty or not, readers or not, all living in modern society’s environment, where time is “short” but stress is plentiful.  Our expertise, analysis and advice, in the long term, can help you recover some of that time you seem to be losing and reduce your stress.

do IT before : Act beforehand, Prevent

Our expertise is built on years of experience and consultation with specialists, such as physiotherapists, osteopaths, orthopedists, occupational therapists, and innovative, socially responsible companies

However, your feedback, opinions and experiences are of the highest value to us, as well.  We welcome you to share them with us and, thereby, be an active part of the “do IT before” movement.