Let's take care of our feet! Care, massage

Posted on 15 avril 2021 à 10h23

Today I take care of my feet, a common but often forgotten act.

Locked in our shoes, our feet carry us every day. In return what do we do for them? Fairly little except when they hurt us.

Now to bring well-being to his feet is good for all the rest of the body.

Some suggestions: a foot bath, a simple bowl of warm water with plants, soak. Do this by reading a magazine, a book, the children's newsletter, watching a show on TV. Then, a good grater to clear the harsher skins. At the end, rinse and dry thoroughly. A cream then to massage the whole. Happiness, repeat the operation every 15 days.

Your feet will be grateful!

doitbefore  offers you the Biosana rasps of excellent Swiss graters and the range of products Gehwol recommended and used by professionals of the feet. A good massage makes a lot of fun too