Do you happen to be traveling several hours or more by plane, car, to go on bus tour, or visit museums? Low MEDI Travel can help. Indeed, the lack of movement and crushing of the veins in long-lasting sited positions in the car, plane or train slows down the blood return to the heart. Wearing down moderate support stockings can improve the blood flow in your legs, and reduce the risk of thrombosis during and after the trip. The evolution of the controlled pressure in the stockings, decreasing upwards, activates the muscle pumps and blood flow. The bottom half of MEDI contention are easy to put on and remove. And the finish is pleasant. Clima Comfort option provides a reliable temperature balance and an effective wicking. You can also enjoy an antibacterial action thanks to the Clima Fresh system od the stockings. The bottom half of MEDI contention are for people with good vein health, you can get without a prescription.

To determine what size to make the bottom of sports or travel, decisive action is around the ankle, not the size of the foot.


Compression therapy is the most effective way to prevent edema , or swelling of the legs. Low also relieve pain or heaviness of the legs and help prevent varicose veins . They reduce the risk of acute disease during long trips by improving circulation and function of the venous system.
86 % Polyamide - 15 % Elastane


MEDI  Travel for Men short AD closed toe

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