These washable sanitary napkins from La Renarde are soft, zero waste, economical and environmentally friendly. Perfect for monthly use for our bleeding women, for post-delivery bleeding, or even for mild urinary losses.

No more smells, irritations, fungal infections, allergies!
No more chemicals!
No more garbage cans!

Welcome handmade towels, in Belgium, by a young entrepreneur.



Which size to choose?

Size 1: for light streams or rule start
Length: 18.5 cm

Size 2: for normal flows
Length: 18.5 cm

Size 3: for heavy flows or for the night
Length: 23 cm


Irritations, smells, mycoses, allergies, chemicals, waste!
How to maintain my washable sanitary napkins? It is advisable to wash the napkins before first use. The soiled napkins are first rinsed with cold water. To prevent stains from remaining encrusted, it is possible to rub the napkin with ox gall soap. The washing machine is at 60 ° maximum. To extend the life of your napkins the dryer is not recommended. At home, put the napkins directly in the machine, or store them in a tray without lid (no more than 3 or 4 days, this to prevent the proliferation of bacteria). On the move, a waterproof pouch is ideal for carrying your napkins. Flax & Stitch makes very beautiful ones, with the right size and made in Belgium.
60% Certified Bamboo OEKOTEX (viscose) 40% Polyester


Washable sanitary napkin

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