What are your shipping rates?

Our rates depend on 2 elements: the destination and the volume to be delivered. We are currently working with Bpost. Thanks to this partnership, you receive your parcel in 48 hours:

  • Jusqu'à 2kg : 5.75€
  • De 2 à 5kg : 6.49€
  • De 5 à 10kg : 6.81€
  • De 10 à 20kg : 8.49€
  • De 20 à 30kg : 11.33€
  • Plus de 30kg : On request

Can I send my order to a different address than the one mentioned in my data?

Of course, at the end of each command, you are asked if you want to use the same address as mentioned during your registration or another address for your shipment. You then only need to check the option "Other Address" and fill in the appropriate fields.

Is it possible to choose a delivery time?

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer this service. For shipments bpost, the range of hours of delivery is located between 8H and 17h (as for the postal mail standard).

What happens if the recipient is not there to receive his package?

If your recipient is not present when the deliverer is present, the latter leaves a notice of passage inviting the recipient to resume contact with the carrier bpost. Then free to him to request a second delivery or to go remove itself the parcel in a point relay. Small tip: Why do not deliver the package on the place of work, and thus avoid missing the courier? Is it possible to follow the progress of my delivery on the Internet? Yes This service is available. Please contact us if you wish to receive your number of order slip to follow your package (available at our two partners)

How do you ship orders to? - What are your time?

In order to ensure a fast shipping (between 24H and 48H After that your order has left our premises - in the measure or the article is available in stock), we are working with bpost, the service packages for the position. As for a recommended, the factor will be among you and if you are not available, it will leave you a notice of passage with the possibility for you to go retrieve the parcel to the point the position the closest to your delivery address.

Can I pick up my order in your store?

For this, please contact us by phone or by e-mail.

What can I do if my order arrives damaged or does not happen?

We guarantee the delivery of your order in perfect state and this, throughout the year and regardless of the destination. However, the subcontracting of the transport can sometimes generate some inconvenience. If your order is not delivered in perfect condition, it will immediately be replaced . However, we ask that you notify us in case of problem, in order to be able to manage as quickly as possible your case. We can also contact your recipient and present our apologies with explanations.