To create this new product, two french entrepreneurs combined ergonomics, design and medical expertise. Driven by humanistic values, Lionel and Thierry, prosthetist and industrial designer, propose a seat for all, that does not look like any other: the Lalloo.


The Lalloo is a place to settle down, regardless of physical abilities, intellectual capacities, lifestyle… A seat that erases the boundaries between the « handicaped » and the « healthy ». One sits within it cross-legged, cosily enveloped and coccooned. The back and knees are supported. The body tensions melt down, and the mind follows. The stable shape of the Lalloo and its supple material allow anyone to sit in this basic yoga position, no matter the flexibility or experience.


Coming in five different sizes, it is suitable to all, from childhood to adulthood. Embracing and bounding together, it creates an environment to slow down, a space for oneself, to calmly read, relax on the patio, be outside, be together with someone… Comfortable bubble in this hyper active, connected, agitated world.


The Lalloo is used in educative, medical, public and private spaces. It is adapted to the needs of children with neuro-developmental deficiencies, cerebral paralysis, motor difficulties or cognitive trouble. It can be a place to sit for anyone who wishes to in waiting rooms, libraries, spas, …


Handicap? No handicap? All in the same seat!



One colour per size, see pictures for size recommendations according to age, weight, size.


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Handicap? No handicap? All in the same seat!


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