You spend numerous hours in front of your screen, mainly working on your computer? Or working in statically in an industrial environement? Many of us will spend nearly a decade of our life seated at our workspaces. This emphasizes the necessity of taking regular rest breaks and the importance of proper seated posture. From the bottom to the top, our posture affects our physical and mental health. Carpal tunnel syndrome on the wrists, tennis elbow, lower back pain, tensions along the spine, muscular pressures in the neck, it seems like it is time to rethink screen and work ergonomics. Resulting of sound physiological research and purposeful engineering, Ergorest forearm support was designed to improve your posture no matter where you work, including home and office. They encourage a better seated posture, reduce workplace fatigue, and guarantee a firm support and an unlimited range of movement. An ergonomic for position finally helps you focusing on your activity, and keeping you mind active, sharp, creative, productive, yes please!

Dimensions on demand:

Length of the pivot arm 89 or 125mm

Thickness of the shelf 15-43mm or 34-64mm

Delivery, exceptionally for this product, might take up to two weeks.


Work ergonomics, elbow support
In the correct working posture, the position of the head and neck is natural and the angle between the body, elbows and knees is greater than 100°. The backrest of the chair is slightly tilted and the feet rest on a foot support. First adjust the height of the desk to suit your sitting position. Then adjust the forearm supports so that they provide light support, with about 60 cm spacing in between them. Do not adjust the support so that it is too high.
Black cast aluminium and real leather


Ergorest Forearm Support

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