The ergonomic Swedish sit-stand chair improves your posture. Top for tele work!

The ergonomic Swedish knee-rest seat from Jobri thanks to its inclined seat allows the pelvis to be positioned forward.

Its knee support releases the weight exerted on the spine.

The weight of the body is then distributed between the pelvis, the knees and the top of the shins.

The posture adopted on this seat is natural and requires perfect alignment of the spine, back, neck and shoulders; therefore circulation in all parts of the body.

The pressure on these areas goes away, and with it the pain.

The ergonomic knee-rest seat offers easy freedom of movement.

This office chair allows you to go about different activities: working, reading, writing, sewing, painting, working on the computer etc.

It is adjustable in height. It has 4 wheels, 2 of which can be locked for additional stability when used on hard and smooth floors.

Technical data: the chair has a sturdy wooden frame with an ultra comfortable polyurethane seat. The knee cushions are covered with an elegant and resistant black fabric.

Excellent chair for maintaining good positioning while playing the guitar. Notice to amateurs.



Help for a good position to work or on the computer
Wood construction on wheels
2207439 F1410


Swedish ergonomic seat with knee support Jobri in wood

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