Alpine Pluggies Kids are made of AlpineThermoShape material especially developed by Alpine. This material adapts to the shape of the ear so that the hearing protectors fit the auditory duct perfectly. This guarantees an exceptionally comfortable fit and children enjoy wearing these hearing protectors: in the bath, at school, or during drumming lessons. Pluggies Kids earplugs are equipped with special AlpineAcousticFilters. These filters provide optimal noise attenuation, but still allow your child to hear ambient sounds sufficiently. Thus, there is no sense of isolation and your child can still follow conversations. You can use Pluggies Kids in a wide range of situations and applications: in a concert or festival, to prevent earache and infection caused by water, to help concentration at school or while reading (particularly for children with ADHD, ADD or a form of autism) and on planes during landing and take-off. ATS contains no silicone, thus causing no allergic reactions and every Pluggies Kids pack contains six cheerful stickers. You can use those to let your child decorate the storage container and write his or her name on it.


Protects the hearing and ears sensitive of your children
Alpine ThermoShape comfortable and hypoallergenic with soft filter, silicone free



Pluggies kids Earplugs

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