There is a new way to move freely for those who use a wheelchair It's called "Triride" and it's a small but great aid, that you can attach to your manual wheelchair to turn it, in a couple of seconds, into a motorized wheelchair or if you prefer into a lightweight, compact and powerful electric scooter. Triride is versatile, lightweight, with an attractive design and incredibly agility and speed. There is no barrier for Triride, gravel roads and strong slopes are easy to cover. Simple to use, quick and easy to attach to your wheelchair, the Triride weight is about 9 kilo and you can load it into very small cars too. The lithium battery without memory effect has a long life and charges in about 4 hours. It is the perfect companion for your holidays! The Triride will take you anywhere, from home to work, from the seaside to the mountains, to restaurants and shopping moles. On your demand, our Triride expert will come to your place and analyze the likely compatibility of the Triride with your wheelchair. He will then set two ties on the chassis of your chair, in which the Triride will slide and position itself. These ties, rather discreet, will remain permanently on your wheelchair. When the Triride is set, the wheel can higher the small frontwheels of your chair up to 3cm high and will allow you to find your way on any type of ground: stony paths, tarmac, sand and even snow, the adventure is yours, just hit the road!


Aid of your wheelchair mobility: a new freedom!

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