Finally an adequate knee pad for   people with larger body but           wanting to move! Movement is       life, it is prevention. To move all    parts of one's body is essential.  Walking and even better Nordic   walking offers a great equilibrium exchange. Let's move, do it before - do IT ! Let's move!

Laterally fastened ligamentous & articulatous knee brace, made of breathable, elastic tri-layer material. It adapts to different phases of recovery, with the possibility to choose between the notched polycentric joints, made of aluminum in a more rigid alloy and resistant to strong mechanical impacts (high degree of support of the joint) or spiralium springs ( moderate support of the joint).

The splint has 4 straps that adjust the compression and increase the efficiency of the joints.

Its shape adapts to morphologies that have significant differences in diameter between the lower part of the thigh and the upper part of the calf.

The outer layer of fabric facilitates a rapid dispersion of perspiration. The lining is characterized by a soft touch and has silicone points to prevent the splint from moving.

The splint has an elastic fabric in the popliteal area to facilitate knee adaptation.

Suitable in case of:

  • Osteoarthritis and arthritis
  • Capsuloligamentary contusion
  • Chronic osteoarticular instability
  • Postoperative and post-traumatic treatment
  • Lateral instability of the knee varus or valgus (using rigid polycentric joints).


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Knee bandage Orliman One plus Size XXL

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