Bodyclock is the original alarm clock, also called dawn simulator.

In these dark and cold months, what a galley to wake up early and in the dark!

The dawn simulator helps us to gradually get out of sleep as if the sun illuminated our start of the day.

It wakes you up gradually with a natural light whose intensity increases little by little.

It sends a signal to your body to facilitate the production of sleep hormones (melatonin, for example) and to increase those that help you get up and go (cortisol, for example).

Wake-up lamps help keep your sleep rhythm in balance, and boost your mood, energy and productivity all day long.

- The 30-minute dawn wakes you up naturally with a gradual increase in brightness.

- Twilight 30 minutes allows you to relax in bed with a gradual decline in brightness.

- Lighting with dimmer for use as a bedside lamp

- Sunburst effect Momentary stop function

- In addition: alarm by optional beep, memory in case of power failure

- 2 years warranty

- Weight: 760 gr Halogen candle bulb SES 42 W

- Variable lighting display from 0 to 100%


Bodyclock Starter 30 : dawn simulator

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