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Winter blues, less energy, sleep disorder, out of phase cycle, night work, disturbed sleep, or jet lag. We need the right light at the right time. When we're out of phase with the environment, during the winter or because our modern lives prevent us from enjoying the sun, we sometimes suffer badly from a lack of light. Lacking its natural regulator, our biological clock gets on the blink and our energetic storages suffer from it. At times of insufficient or inadequate natural daylight, switching to light therapy has been clinically proven to offer the greatest benefit with the least side effects. And the Luminette, result of four years of research at the University of Liège, brings luminotherapy on hand and to your eyes! Because Luminette® is worn like a pair of glasses it allows you to carry on with your everyday tasks, and fit into your daily routine whilst ensuring you get the maximum benefit. We recommend using the Luminette® once a day. The length of a sesions depends on your choice of light intensity: ranging from 20 minutes (maximum intensity) to 45 minutes (minimum intensity). The "boosting" effect of the Luminette® is almost immediate. From the first few times you use your glasses, you'll feel your energy returning and your mood improving. Similarly if you're using Luminette to combat jet-lag then the results will be noticeable right away. If you are using Luminette® to rectify a sleep phase disorder the results will become noticeable from between 4 and 7 days. Get the control of your energy level back by brightening up your days with the Luminettes®! * according to available stock.

Garantie : 2 years 


Prevents physical and mental consequences due to lack of sunlight


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