The BECASINE is an all terrain portable seat. Anybody can go for a walk with Becasine in the countryside, even in the forests. People with limited mobility can also share running events, such as marathons and easy trails.

Becasine is very easy to use; just sit down, two accompanist take the handles on the front and back, and you are ready to go! Even one single person is sufficient to push you forward. For marathons we suggest six runners to take turns.

Preparing Becasine only takes a few minutes, without any tools.  It has a shock absorber, a large cushion, a belt and a large bag. It can be transported in most automobiles.

 Becasine is made of natural, entirely recyclable materials:  aluminium, wood and rubber.


Assembly,  without  tools:

     1.     Mount wheels
     2.     Put the bucket in place and  tighten 2 knobs
     3.     Install cushion and engage hinge of seat in its slots
     4.     Install front and rear arms. Tighten 4  knobs.

             Slide the textile bag on the rear arms.

             You are ready to go !


Accessories available on request (spare wheel, foot straps, chest strap, shortened arms, crotch pad, headrest, ...)
Aluminium, wood and rubber - 100% recyclable
With Becasine, anybody can discover the countryside and the forests !

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