Wheeleo®: A roller canne to relearn how to walk. 

When a physiotherapist learns from his practice, invents and becomes an entrepreneur, doitbefore must support his project! The office date for the product to be released on the market is the 20th of May 2018 and doitbefore offers you the Wheeleo cane in presale. 



Following various pathologies (stroke for example), the use of a walking stick is necessary to improve walking ability and regain autonomy. Unfortunately, a cane is useful only when it is in support of the ground. For a person with balance problems who is trying to relearn how to walk, raising the cane and moving forward decreases the quality and speed of walking.


To facilitate walking rehabilitation for people with stroke, it was necessary to create a special cane. Geoffroy Dellicour has tested prototypes at the  CHN William Lennox and has validated a new concept, a quadripode canne on wheels.

He then transformed this prototype into ergonomic, design, industrializable medical equipment. This product, called Wheeleo®, is a walking stick with 4 "legs" equipped with wheels on the ends. It has the advantage of not having to be raised to advance it, while ensuring perfect stability. The physiological balance of the body is simply accompanied, making walking more stable than with a classic quadripod cane. Indeed, the lateral thrust will cause a displacement thereof but not a tilt. A classic quadripod cane rocks if you do not press vertically.

Thanks to the use of Wheeleo®, patients and therapists are observing a higher speed, a better walking pattern and improved balance.

The Wheeleo® is currently in pre-sale on our website.




Optimized support for walking rehabilitation
The Wheeleo® cane is produced in a single size and is manually adjustable. It is equipped with an indexing system allowing the adjustment of the height of the handle between 74 cm and 96 cm, by 2 cm jump. It is also ambidextrous.



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