Whether a senior or someone with a motor handicap, living with a person with reduced mobility requires a certain adaptation of their environment. It is essential to adapt the accommodation to its physical capacities. Our occupational therapists are here to help. If this person is traveling in a wheelchair, it must be able to go into all rooms, pass all the doors and easily bypass the furniture. All facilities must be within reach. Whether wheelchair or not, a two-storey dwelling comprises one or more staircases. And in any case the staircase is an obstacle to be crossed. The installation of a stairlift, a house elevator or a lifting platform can then be indispensable to access the rooms and sanitary rooms often installed on the floor. do IT before is approved by Thyssenkrupp to serve as a link in your process or the acquisition of an internal staircase, external staircase or any other elevator. A quote without obligation of purchase is established by Thyssenkrupp in your house in order to find the solution best adapted to your situation. If you get help from the Aviq we take these steps in hand.


Thyssenkrupp stairlift - quote on request

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