Are you an ambitious athlete or simply a fit body caring one who is looking for a foot support that is always comfortable? Pedag VIVA® SPORT is the perfect foot support for active athletes. No matter if running, Nordic walking, skiing or if playing basketball, tennis or golf – pedag VIVA® SPORT always makes you feel like walking on clouds and vitalises you in four different ways. 

The anatomically shaped foot support pedag VIVA® SPORT meets the special needs that come up when practising sports and when enjoying your leisure time. Its heel cushion absorbs the impact shocks, the arch support effectively holds the longitudinal arch up, and the metatarsal pad supports the forefoot and prevents issues that can arise from a splayfoot condition.


The special functional fibre on the surface is pleasant to the skin and quickly transfers moisture away from the foot. The high-tech foam with millions of tiny air-filled bubbles absorbs the impact shocks and insulates against the cold at the same time. All this makes pedag VIVA® SPORT the ideal sports insole for all seasons.


Supports your feet when doing sport
The innovative vegan fitness foot support for all seasons of the year and for all kinds of sports.


Pedag viva sport Shoesoles

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