Smart clothes! Many people have problems with their feet, either caused by inflammation or poor circulation, which leads to freezing. These socks in fabric complemented with ceramic powder will keep you feet warm thanks to their heat-reflecting properties. They work particularly well in combination with the Back on Track Insoles, keeping your feet in a warm cocoon (very efficient for the back heel). Remember that the ceramic textile reflects more warmth when we produce heat ourselves, for instance through movement. Therefore, we advise you to first wear the socks only during the day. Once you are comfortable with the sock product, you may enjoy the socks' effect whist sleeping. In case of ankle sprain, the Back on Track Ankle Brace will be more appropriated, since it provides you with an additional support.

Part of the NEW Back on Track® +Physio Series, this product is a high-quality brace, manufactured using a 4 way stretch variant of the revolutionary Welltex™ ceramic infused fabric. The Physio Series also includes elbow, knee, calf and ankle braces, together with shoe soles.

All Back on Track® +physio products should be implemented gradually. For start, use the product for a maximum of 4 hours a day for the first 2-3 days. The body then has the opportunity to familiarize with the products effects. After the introductory period you can increase the usage to a minimum of 8 hours a day or more. It is important to continue to use the product intensively for at least 10 or 20 days before assessing its impact. Since the fabric reflects more of the body heat radiation as you move, the effect increases if you wear the product when active. The Back on Track® +physio products also works while resting, even during sleep. Proven to give the best effect approximately after 3 weeks of use.


Welltex®against cold feet
100% polypropylene (PP) with ceramic powder
Back on track
Smart clothes
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Socks Welltex®  Back On Track +physio

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Smart clothes

Smart clothes

Posted on 18 septembre 2017 à 17h51


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