At do It before incontinence is no longer a SECRET. 

Considering incontinence as a problem that can be rehabilitated is our goal. Now, the incontinence of the woman as of the man can be worked and reduced. Urinary doctors and physiotherapists work with you there. prevention is that. 

Waiting for a result incontinence remains a high position in the budget of young and old households. Even more expensive if the solutions are not adapted. Hence the importance of good advice and expertise adapted to each case. The expertise of ORTHO Eghezée do it before in this area is more than 25 years old. 

Older female incontinence (over 80) is 30%. This means that the other 70% are in younger and sometimes much younger women. 

We can supply you the full range from Tena or even other ranges on request. However our main goal is to offer you a specific solution for some specific incontinence. In adequacy with the problems of the women and men met at the store. 

The flex model exists for greater incontinence. The ease of the flex is the belt. It adapts to the size and the front of the lange is positioned on it. Setting up even for people with less experience is easier.
Quickly put, better put, top absoprtion!


Tena flex plus Large 3 x 30 flex

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