Another project of WovenStories, our collaborators in Ghent to which we are happy to join. Come any right of Nepal this time, here is the history of these blankets / Shawls woven into cashemire. In 2011, a 13-year-old boy beggar deaf was found dead in Pokhara, Nepal. Dinesh Thapa, which had given the opportunity the boy to the food and money, has been devastated to hear of his death. At the time, Dinesh was also in mourning the tragic death of his wife. He has promised to use this life to make the different society, to begin by taking measures to respond to the general neglect of people with disabilities in Nepal. Armed with pourfaire force move things, he began with the formation of two hearing impaired in Pokhara. In September 2011, he began to help the crafts and then created Spa, a center where people with disabilities have received training in massage. The incredible support that it has received him at allowed to grow and discard 50 persons with disabilities of the trainees at work! With the help of the Crafts, Spa offers a training in the craft of weaving and then dance to earn income by working with us. The self-esteem of persons with disabilities is grown and this work also improves the way they are treated by their family. All shawls offered on this site are made by hand by people who have received their training. The profits go to the training but also to charitable activities in Nepal through the company This charity is involved in activities such as the gift of white canes, hearing aids and wheelchairs, providing food, medicines and essential products for the homes of care and the distribution of relief to the victims of the earthquake and landslide. In addition to give you hot, the purchase of a coverage helping hands you contributes to the long-term success of this undertaking. All 100% natural of pashmina, cashmere, silk or wool!


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