This is the perfect bag for transporting your yoga mat with style and to support a rich project from WovenStories, our collaborators in Gent. Coming directly from Guatemala, these bags are made at Y'abal Handicrafts, a company offering hope for a more sustainable existence for Mayan women and their families in the Guatemalan countryside. By working closely with the weavers to develop products that bridge the gap between Mayan tradition and western trend and to sell these products at a fair price, Y'abal Handicrafts provides a welcomed source of income for producers. They promote an ancient tradition that is threatened by mass production and teach these women to be proud of their heritage and culture again. Let Y'abal Handicrafts bring a little colour from Guatemala to your daily yoga practice, and be part of this movement standing, in short, for a more beautiful life here and there!


A practical transport of your yoga mat and the support of a beautiful woven story from Guatemala
The largest part of the Yabal-supply, namely, all that is made of cotton, is woven on the loom so-called hip loom, a 3000 years-old symbol of the Mayan ritual and daily lives.
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