What's better than working with natural materials?

Even more so when doing yoga!

Stretching over the warmth, working out on sofnesst, finding balance with a fiber product under your feet.

Meditating warmly ... on a predominantly organic wool.

Being aligned with oneself 

In addition, these yoga mats in 100% wool of sheep are made by passionated people, perpetuating a tradition that the south east of Belgium has had for generations. This way, these traditional ways of working with whool do not get lost: they contribute to creating higher quality products for customers who appreciate handycraft with a beautiful finish.

That is why do IT before   offers you this mat.

The strap around the mat is strong enough for you to use it as stretch support! A practical dual purpose.

- Felted wool (2 kg wool / m²)

- Dimensions 180 X 61 cm on 7mm thick Clear face,

- 100% Belgian wool blend and mainly organic

- Brown face, wool from Germany & Holland 

Cleaning :

Ventilate and beat the carpet. Wash it only in case of extreme necessity.


Wool 100 %


Yoga mat 100% sheep wool

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